April 19 2016

Rosemère takes concrete action for sustainable development

As of that date, the contents of residents’ 80-litre brown bins will be collected weekly. Reflecting the environmental values of the Town and its citizens, this initiative seeks to significantly reduce the quantity of domestic waste directed to landfill sites.   
"Earth Day on April 22 offers me the opportunity of inviting all Rosemerites to combine their efforts with ours in addressing the responsible management of residual waste and, in so doing, contribute to sustainable development in Québec, for the benefit of current and future generations,” stated Madeleine Leduc.  
The responsible management of organic waste and its conversion into compost will have a positive impact on the management of domestic waste (reduction) and the quality of life of residents. Furthermore, the pick-up of organic waste will make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help meet Quebecers’ objectives in the fight against climate change.   
"On average, approximately 50% of waste generated in the home is compostable,” noted Mrs. Leduc, adding: "It is currently estimated that every home produces approximately 125 kg of recyclable and reusable food waste. This significant quantity of organic waste can be converted into compost, part of which will be redistributed to residents, as it constitutes an excellent soil fertilizer.”   
Organic waste includes all food residue such as fruits and vegetables, meats and bones, bread, pasta, coffee filters, facial tissues and paper towels. It also includes green waste such as herbs, lawn clippings, leaves and waste from flowerbeds and gardens. Residents will receive a full list of materials suitable for disposal in the brown bins when these are delivered in the fall. They will also have access to a host of tools and resources designed to provide them with all required information. 

 Ms. Guylaine Richer, municipal councillor, Mr. Daniel Simoneau, municipal councillor, Ms. Madeleine Leduc, mayor and Mr. Jean-Philippe Lemire, Public Works Director

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