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Fences and walls

Installation of fences and walls
  • No wall or fence can be built or erected along the edge of the street, unless it is 1.5 metres or more from the public sidewalk, 3 metres or more from the edge of the street if there is no public sidewalk, and 4 metres or more from existing or planned pavement, when there is no public sidewalk or edge of the street.

  • When the distance between the property line and the edge of the street or public sidewalk is less that stipulated in the preceding paragraph, erecting a fence or wall is permitted, provided said fence or wall is located 0.3 metres or more inside the property line and 0.9 metres or more from the existing or proposed public sidewalk or edge of the street.

Height of fences and walls

The height of a fence or wall measured from the adjacent ground level must not exceed the following heights:

  • 1.2 metres in the case of a fence erected in the front yard.
  • 1.8 metres in the case of a fence erected in a side or backyard.
  • 1.2 metres in the case of a wall.

Calculating the height of a fence or wall takes into account the average level of the natural ground of the building concerned or affected.

A fence or wall must not be built or erected on a mound, hillock or knoll. If it is not possible to erect the fence outside the mound, hillock or knoll, the height of the fence or wall must not exceed 1.25 metres.

In the case of corner lots, the front-yard fence that gives on the side of the house can be higher than 1.2 metres but must not exceed 1.5 metres. In this case, landscaping must be planned (addition of a hedge or planting of shrubs every 2.5 metres). This vegetation must be at least 0.6 metre in height when planted and measure at least 1 metre high at maturity.

Fence or wall materials and the way in which they are assembled

  • Except in the case of split-rail fencing, a wood fence must be made of new planed wood, painted or weatherproofed. The use of plywood, corrugated panels and particleboard is prohibited.

  • A metal fence must be ornamental and rust-free. Chain link fences are prohibited in the front yard unless they are concealed from the street by a hedge.

  • A fence must be strongly anchored to the ground and must consist of fixed elements. Spacing between posts must not exceed 3 metres.

  • A wall must consist of natural stone, bricks, architectural concrete blocks or concrete blocks with an exposed or grooved aggregate surface.

  • A wall must be stable and present no risk of collapse.

  • A fence or wall must have a uniform combination of materials.

  • A fence, wall or hedge must be maintained in good condition.

  • The use of barbed wire, snow fencing, metal sheeting or any similar material is prohibited.

  • A chain link fence must have a tubular frame and crossbar. The use of T-posts and wire on the top part is prohibited unless the fence is concealed by a hedge.