June 08 2021

Town of Rosemère Issues Watering Ban

The Town of Rosemère has issued a complete watering ban, effective immediately, and until further notice, throughout the Town's territory. Only manual watering is permitted. As hot, dry weather is conducive to fire, it is also essential to ensure water distribution for fire safety.

"Over the past few days we have noticed a sharp increase in water consumption and, with the heat wave coming, we are unfortunately obliged to issue this notice to the population. We are therefore asking residents to reduce their consumption of drinking water. However, rest assured that the Town will continue to provide excellent quality drinking water for its residents," stated Mayor Eric Westram. 

The Town does not allow watering of the lawn unless a temporary watering permit is obtained. No new watering permits will be issued until further notice, but previously issued permits will be honoured. It is also prohibited to use any automatic watering system (underground) or to wash cars. Watering flowers and gardens is nevertheless permitted if done manually. 

However, as a severe heat wave is currently under way, the Town will keep its splash pads open to provide residents with a place to cool off.


Residents who do not comply with this watering ban are liable to a fine of up to $2,000.

In closing, the Town is asking residents for their cooperation in conserving drinking water. 

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