December 21 2021

2022 Budget: For A Resilient, Inclusive Community

Mayor Eric Westram and Councillor Melissa Monk presented the 2022 budget estimates that were adopted by Town Council at the Special Meeting of December 20, 2021. The 2022 budget, under the theme For A Resilient, Inclusive Community, is guided by a concern for maintaining a unique quality of life and the enviable fiscal position of Rosemere residents.

"While maintaining our enviable fiscal position, the 2022 budget provides for significant investments in the quality of life of our citizens. Thus, we will invest in our street infrastructures, our water and stormwater networks, but also in projects to preserve our environment, such as the redevelopment of the Charbonneau Park shoreline, or in a plan to fight and adapt to climate change. Environmental preservation and sound management of public funds are part of our DNA. By mobilizing the strengths of the community, we will succeed in laying the foundation of a resilient and united community," said the Mayor.


  • Operating budget of $34,322,100
  • $94 increase in tax bill for the average home valued at $464,700 (below CPI)
    - 2.25% increase in general taxes and rates on the average residential tax bill
    - Infrastructure Fund contribution: $0.0105 per $100 of assessment (residential property). For the average home, this is an increase of $29, or 1% of the tax bill. Recall that in 2019, citizens voted in a survey to increase the special tax by up to 1.5%.
  • Use of the balance of the financial assistance received from the Quebec government for Covid-19

Investing for Rosemerites

The 2022 Three-Year Capital Investment Program would invest some $21.7 M in 2022 for the well-being of the community. Of this $21.7 M, $8.1 M would be invested in new infrastructure, while $13.6 M would be invested in the consolidation and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

2022 Major Projects

  • Water system improvements 
  • Water and Wastewater Plant Upgrades
  • Improvement of the stormwater network
  • Redevelopment of the Charbonneau Park shoreline
  • Acquisition of areas with high ecological potential
  • Access to and use of the Grand Coteau Forest
  • Urban forest master plan
  • Plan to fight and adapt to climate change
  • Ongoing emerald ash borer action plan

Details of the 2022 budget are available on the Town’s website at


What’s happening

  • Garage Sales
  • White on White Cultural Event
  • Rosemère in Bloom
  • Strategic plan
  • Roadwork-Info