Rosemère Former Golf Course Dossier

On this page, you will find all the information on the Rosemère former golf course dossier resulting from the vast public consultation session held from 2018 to 2020.

Virtual Information Meeting - March 24, 2021

In order to outline the major steps that led to the tabling of the preliminary draft of the Urban Plan last month, to provide a clear picture of the many steps ahead and to answer citizens' questions about the Rosemère’s urban vision, the Town of Rosemère is inviting all its residents to a virtual information meeting that will take place on March 24, 2021, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

During this virtual meeting, Town representatives will be pleased to answer all of the residents' questions, as since the beginning of this collaborative and participatory process, Rosemerites' voice has always been a central factor in the development of an urban plan that is consistent with a common vision for the Rosemère of tomorrow.

More specifically, residents who wish to take part in this virtual information meeting must register by email at, mentioning their full name, civic address, email address and telephone number before 11:59 p.m. on March 21. A login link for this meeting will be sent to registered residents at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting.

Listen to the Nord-Info interview with Mayor Eric Westram - February 5


See the timeline of events and next steps in the dossier.

(2014) The Rosemère Golf Club is facing financial problems and is approaching the Town to allow, through a zoning change, the development of a parcel of land along Labelle Boulevard in order to generate the necessary funds for its sustainability.

2015 (Summer)
Zoning change allowing residential and commercial land use (maximum 4 storeys) for a parcel of land along Labelle Boulevard. The Town granted the request at a time when the request coincided with the obligation imposed by the CMM to conform our urban planning by-laws to the PMAD (Plan métropolitain d'aménagement et de développement) and the MRC's SAD (Schéma d'Aménagement d'Ensemble) with respect to the densification of the territory. A maximum of 4 storeys is authorized.


2016 (Spring)
The golf club is trying to sell the parcel of land to real estate developers, however the revenues generated by the development of a 4-storey project prove to be insufficient. As a result, the golf course owners requested a zoning change that would allow six-storey buildings to be built on the golf course.

2016 (Fall)
Vast public consultations on the golf course owners' request for a zoning change. Residents rejected the idea of allowing 6-storey buildings at the risk of seeing the golf course cease operations. The Town officially announced that it was rejecting the rezoning request.

2016 (Fall)
The Town reaches out to the golf club to try to find alternative solutions, but the golf club decides to put the entire 60-hectare site up for sale. 

2017 (Fall)
Mayor Westram and his team are elected and position themselves that the Town will have to develop a new urban planning vision, that as much green space as possible must be preserved and that no zoning changes will be made without citizen approval.

2018 (Spring)

Beginning of the vast public consultation on the urbanistic vision for Rosemère in which the former golf course dossier occupies an important place - Survey - Public consultations - Focus groups - Consultation report (See download section)

2018 (Fall)
The notarised sale at a cost of $18M of the golf course to the Vachon Varin group.

2019 (Winter-Spring)

Public consultations - Focus groups - Survey - Meetings of the parties concerned - Consultation report (See download section)

2020 (Winter)

Public consultations - Focus groups - Meetings of the parties concerned - Participant's Workbook distributed to all Rosemère residences (See download section). 

2020 (Spring)  The consultation report is made public and at the same time Town Council unveils its position paper. (See download section)

2020 (Summer)  In accordance with Council's position as set out in the June 2020 document, the Town is commissioning an independent study of the ecological potential of the Rosemère area. An initial opinion from the firm Nature Action identifies the sector of the Grand Coteau forest as having greater ecological potential than the former golf course site.


2020 (Summer) The Town is conducting an independent market value study of the golf course, including a component in the event of expropriation of the entire area (See download section).

2020 (Summer) The Town asks the MRC, by resolution, to proceed with an amendment to its schéma d'aménagement, made necessary to keep in line with Rosemère's urban vision.

2020 (Fall)  The Town submits two grant applications to CMM. One, to acquire 20 hectares of the Grand Coteau forest and another, for the reforestation of 30 hectares of the former golf course site. 

2020 (Fall) The Town is tabling a draft bylaw project for preliminary consultation with property owners whose lands are subject to the PAE, namely the former golf course and Place Rosemère.

2020 (Fall)  After a few meetings, it appears that the orientations of the Town and the owners are not convergent. 

The MRC informed the Town that the amendment it wishes to make to the schéma d'aménagement is problematic. Rosemère will have to substantiate its request to the supra-local authorities (MRC, CMM and Ministry of Municipal Affairs). 

Given the two previous points. It was agreed to stop discussions with the affected property owners, to postpone the plans d’aménagements d’ensemble (PAE) bylaw and to complete the draft Official Plan for filing in the fall of 2020. 

2020 (Fall) The owners of the golf course inform the Town that due to the stalemate in the discussions, they will not give access to their land for the development of cross-country ski trails. As a result, the Town is negotiating with the Parc du Domaine Vert to provide access for its citizens.

2021 (Winter) Submission of the urban planning draft - representations to the regional authorities concerned (MRC and CMM) in order to express Rosemerites' wishes regarding the degree of densification of the former golf course. Rosemère residents would like to see densification lower than the standards stipulated by the CMM and a mix of uses at Place Rosemère (See download section).

The municipal council intends to bring the land of the former golf course in compliance with the bylaw of an overall development plan (ODP). As a result, any project on the site will need to be submitted to the residents for approval. The municipal council wishes to reassure the population that it will continue to encourage citizen participation by Rosemerites in matters concerning the site of the former golf course beyond the approval of the new Master Plan.

2021 (Winter) Public information meeting on the next steps towards official adoption of the urban planning document on March 24, 2021. More specifically, residents who wish to take part in this virtual information meeting must register by email at, mentioning their full name, civic address, email address and telephone number before 11:59 p.m. on March 21. A login link for this meeting will be sent to registered residents at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting.

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