New schedule - Pickups

Since January 2021, a new schedule is in effect for all waste pickups. 

The aim of this initiative, which was strongly recommended by the Civic Committee on the Environment, is to divert more waste from landfill, improve composting and recycling rates, and lower overall greenhouse gas emissions.

New Schedule

January to March 2021:

• Organic waste will be picked up once every two weeks, between Tuesday and Friday depending on the sector, on the same day as recyclables.

• Regular waste will be picked up once every four weeks, between Tuesday and Friday depending on the sector.

• This new winter schedule will also contribute to greater overall peace and quiet, with no trucks on the road one week a month.

April to October 2021:

• Organic waste pickups will revert to a weekly schedule, from Tuesday to Friday depending on the sector, on the same day as regular waste or recyclables.

• Regular waste will be picked up every other week, between Tuesday and Friday depending on the sector, alternating with recyclables.

The Town has created a variety of tools to make the transition to the new schedule easier, including small magnet-backed calendars for each sector and the town calendar, which will be mailed out to all households in December. 

In addition, residents are encouraged to download the Voilà! Rosemère app on their smartphones to receive reminders for each pickup.!-rosemere-2/

For better waste management, visit


Visit our Questions / Answers section at the bottom of this page.

For any technical questions regarding pickup operations, contact Public Works at 450-621-3500, ext. 3300. For all general information regarding waste, visit or email us at

To help you integrate the different pick-ups in your daily life, the following table summarizes what is accepted and refused by each of the three main waste collections.

Pick-upOther pick-up pointsSpecifications
Organic waste
Food scraps and other compostable materials
Green waste
Leaves, yard waste, grass clippings
Brown bin and ecocentrePut green waste directly into the brown bin or in a reusable container identified by a sticker provided by the Town.
Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass
EcocentreNothing should be placed outside the bin and the lid must be closed. Position its wheels toward your property.
Domestic waste
Ultimate waste, without the possibility of recycling.
NoneNothing should be placed outside of the bin and the lid must be closed. Position its wheels toward your property.
Cumbersome items
Mattresses, armchairs, furniture, chairs, etc.
EcocentreThe collection of cumbersome items is the second Monday of each month.
BranchesNoneApril to November, the collection of branches is the third Monday of each month. Place the large end of branches on the street side.
Cedar clippingsEcocentreThe company Arbressence will pick up cedar clippings free of charge. Just call them at 450434-7512 or

To find out about your pick-up area, see the "Sectors of pick-ups map" in the documents to be downloaded on the left.

What are the objectives of the new collection schedule now being implemented?

New measures are being taken to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to encourage better sorting of organic waste and recyclable materials. Reducing the frequency of collection trucks passing along your streets is also aimed at reducing noise and pollution.

Can I put out excess waste materials for pickup in the bulky waste collection?

No, because the bulky waste collection is only for large items that can't be recycled and that don't fit into the household waste bin, such as mattresses, chairs, etc.

Why wasn’t my wheeled bin emptied?

The waste collector doesn't pick up a wheeled bin that weighs more than 100 kg. In addition, the wheeled bin must be placed at the curb before 7 a.m. on the day of the collection. Don't rely on the time of day that the collection truck usually passes by; its route may be changed at any time. It is preferable to put the bin at the curb on the evening before, any time after 6 p.m.

I missed the household waste pickup; can the truck come by again?

Unfortunately, this can't be done, because the truck has to follow a specific route every day (Tuesday to Friday) and can't return to the homes of residents who forgot to put their bins at the curb.

What are my options if I forget to put my bin at the curb?

We strongly encourage you to sort your waste materials better, starting now. To help you, go online to Tip: If you often forget to take out your bin for the collection, set an alarm on your smartphone.

I have young children at home and many diapers to dispose of. How do I do this with a collection every 4 weeks during the winter months?

First of all, the Town wishes to inform you that it is offering families the opportunity to receive financial assistance of up to $150 per eligible child for the purchase of a set of cloth (washable and reusable) baby diapers. More information on this financial assistance may be found on our website. We also encourage you to sort your waste materials better, starting now. To help you, go online to Give priority to waste materials that can produce odours (for example, diapers, cat litter) and put those in the bin first and foremost, then set aside waste materials that take up a lot of space (for example, Styrofoam from the new television). Put them in the bin just before the collection when there is still space in the bin.

Why reduce the frequency of organic/green waste pickup during winter season?

After analyzing the situation, the Town found that during the winter months, as there is no green waste, the brown bins are less full, so it makes sense to reduce the collections during this time of year. Fruit and vegetable waste can still be placed in a household composter in the winter, by keeping it close to your house.

For general information about waste materials, refer to the Town's website or email your questions to To improve your management of waste materials, consult

For all technical questions regarding collection operations, contact Public Works at 450-621-3500, ext.3300. 

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