December 20 2022

2023 Budget: Building a Future That Reflects Who We Are

Rosemère’s 2023 budget was tabled by Mayor Eric Westram and Councillor Melissa Monk, and adopted by Town Council, at a special meeting yesterday, December 19, 2022. Amid rising inflation and the increase in contract costs at rates much higher than the CPI, the 2023 budget puts forward a number of balanced solutions to mitigate impacts on the population. 

“We are committed to maintaining the quality of the services provided to the community, taking into account residents’ ability to pay. A number of working sessions were arranged between our councillors and the administration in this regard,” said Mayor Westram. “This allowed us to come up with some innovative solutions, adjust our fiscal strategy and find new sources of revenue to manage our finances in line with prevailing economic conditions. As a result, we will still be able to move forward with a number of environmental projects that are part of our Town’s DNA, specifically our plan to fight and adapt to climate change and promote access to and the use of the Grand Coteau Forest, which the Town was proud to acquire in an attempt to safeguard our green spaces.” 


  • Operating budget of $37,192,100
  • Increase in the residential tax bill at a rate lower than the CPI

  • Increase of $157 in the tax bill for the average household, valued at $464,700 (below the CPI):

    - 4.25% increase in the general tax and charges for the average household
    - Contribution to the Infrastructure Fund of $0.0167 per $100 of assessment for the residential sector (1% increase)

  • Increase in the property tax for businesses with a taxable value of less than $1 million at the same rate as that applicable to the residential sector:

    - Higher tax rate for businesses to kick in once the taxable value reaches $1 million
    - Infrastructure Fund contribution to increase from $0.0548 to $0.0569 per $100 of assessment

  •   Introduction of ecofiscal measures: tax on parking spots for retailers with a taxable value of $3 million or more to incentivize environmentally responsible behaviours

Investing in a future that reflects who we are 

Under the three-year capital investment program for 2023–2025, $18.2 million in investments will be made to promote community well-being in the coming year. Of this amount, $13.2 million will go toward strengthening, maintaining and replacing infrastructure. A resident survey in 2019 revealed that a majority of respondents wanted the infrastructure tax to be used to upgrade services rather than to simply go toward maintenance and upkeep. 

Main focuses in 2023

  • Continued quality of the services provided to residents
  • Implementation of by-laws and the urban plan
  •  Access to and use of the Grand Coteau Forest
  • Urban forest master plan
  • Plan to fight and adapt to climate change
  • Community development policy specific to three groups: seniors, families and youth
  • Waste management plan
  • Ongoing efforts as part of the emerald ash borer action plan

Further details about the 2023 budget are available on the Town of Rosemère’s website at

What’s happening

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