October 19 2023

BiblioQUALITÉ: Rosemère Library Earns Top Rating !

With a score of 93%, the Town of Rosemère’s library has received BiblioQUALITÉ’s highest rating of “five ribbons” for the year 2022. This distinction reflects the exceptional quality of the library’s staff and the services it provides. 

The evaluation was carried out on the basis of five measurable indicators identified in the Lignes directrices pour les bibliothèques publiques du Québec as being essential to the smooth functioning of a library:

  • - Acquisitions budget
  • - Hours of operation
  • - Building size (square footage)
  • - Seating capacity
  • - Human resources.

We are proud to have received this rating from an independent organization confirming that our library offers outstanding services to Rosemerites,” said Mayor Eric Westram. “And with the number of cultural activities, loans, visitors and members growing steadily, we are continuing on the right path. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire library team for helping to make our community the thriving place it is.” 

Given that the average score for all members of the Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec (ABPQ) was 70%, the Town of Rosemère’s library truly stands out from the crowd. 

About BiblioQUALITÉ

The BiblioQUALITÉ program seeks to objectively measure and recognize long-term investments in public libraries made by members of the ABPQ and participating regional BIBLIO networks. This initiative supports municipalities across Quebec in their efforts to provide residents with better services and a higher quality of life. BiblioQUALITÉ hopes that its annual evaluation motivates public libraries to make continuous improvements with a view to earning the highest rating.

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