January 24 2023

Carnival 2023: Rosemère’s Most Popular Winter Event

Mayor Eric Westram is very enthusiastically inviting residents to the 2023 edition of the carnival, to be held on Saturday, February 11, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., at Charbonneau Park. Every year, families and friends get together for this much anticipated event that celebrates the joys of winter.

The main new feature of this special day is definitely the majestic snow maze. Through its icy walls, residents will have the chance to stroll, admire the architecture and, of course, have fun finding the exit. This edition will also give cycling lovers the opportunity to try out the fatbike—a bicycle with a wide tire that can ride on snow. 

As usual, Rosemère residents are invited to bring their sleds and skates to enjoy the giant slide and the skating rink—both set up near the Mille Îles River. Much to the delight of everyone with a sweet tooth, the traditional taffy on snow will also be back and offered all day long. To satisfy your cravings, the 49th Lorraine-Rosemère scout troop will be on hand to offer snacks and hot beverages at a modest price. And to top it all off, have fun on the snowskate, in the inflatable play structures or by taking part in various games of skill.   

"The carnival is an event designed to appreciate winter in all its splendor. Every year, residents are invited to this festive day with its variety of activities for youngsters and grown-ups alike. Come join us on February 11 for a good dose of fresh air," announced Rosemère's Mayor, Eric Westram.

It should be noted that the event will take place regardless of the weather, unless there is heavy rain. If in doubt, residents can check the Town's website and Facebook page.

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