Environmental protection

Tips for waterfront residents

How to landscape your property while protecting the river?

Rosemère has a number of riverfront properties whose landscaping must take into account the need to preserve the health of the waterway. In fact, while in recent years, we have heard a great deal about blue algae or cyanobacteria in Québec lakes, we should bear in mind that the Mille-Îles and Dog rivers are not immune to problems of this nature. People tend to think that, on their own, they can do little to change things. Yet prevention begins at home, with small measures. There are actually a number of things you can do to help prevent the proliferation of cyanobacteria.

  • On a waterfront property, you should avoid running the lawn right to the water’s edge. Otherwise, regular mowing and fertilization will damage the river’s health, fostering the proliferation of algae and preventing the reproduction of some types of flora and fauna, which are important for maintaining the waterway’s balance.

  • If you employ a contractor for your lawn’s maintenance (fertilization, mowing or other), you must ensure that he stays clear of the water’s edge, even if he assures you that he is using biological products.

  • Let Mother Nature take care of the water’s edge: she knows how to protect herself. Allow grasses, shrubs and small trees to take root naturally in this area. They will help filter pollution, provide a shelter for insects, frogs and small animals, and prevent the erosion of the property.

  • There are those who believe that allowing trees and shrubs to grow along the water’s edge will eventually block their view of the river, yet, in actual fact, it will probably save it!

  • If you are determined to plant perennials, trees or shrubs near the water, choose native varieties or varieties suited to this type of environment. For advice, contact the Town’s eco-consultant at 450 621-3500, ext. 3305. You can also go to the rappel.qc.ca website for a list of appropriate plants. 

Invasive exotic plants

One of the best ways to protect wetlands is to avoid planting invasive exotic varieties. These are identified in the information sheet on invasive exotic plants available on our website. If you suspect that you may have some of these plants on your property, call on the Town of Rosemère’s eco-consultant for assistance.

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