Spring flooding

Please note that the Town’s employees is monitoring the situation and is ready to intervene quickly if necessary.


Citizens can contact the Public Works Department directly for any questions regarding flooding (sandbags) at 450 621-3500 ext. 3300. For emergency calls, please dial 911.

It is the citizen's responsibility to ensure that they do what is necessary to protect their property.


If the flood cannot be prevented but water has not yet started coming into the basement:

Cut the power to the whole house to prevent any risk of electric shock or fire by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you aren’t standing on a wet floor or leaning on anything made of metal.
  2. Flip the main breaker off.

If water has started coming into the basement:

Don’t touch anything! Call Hydro-Québec right away at1 800 790-2424 to have service to the meter or pole cut.

Preventive measures and emergency kit

Residents concerned are being urged to take certain preventive measures to ensure their safety and limit material damage:

·Move valuables from the basement to the ground floor as well as any other basement items that can be brought upstairs.

·Keep chemicals and toxic products, such as insecticides and other flammable products, in a safe place.

·Block floor drains in the basement to prevent water backflow.

Feel free to consult our information pamphlet or website for more information.

We also invite you to prepare an emergency kit. For more information, visit the Ministère de la Sécurité publique website.

To learn more about the situation, visit Québec Sécurité publique’s website.

Spring flood: be ready!

The return of milder weather could bring water accumulations from heavy rains or melting snow and ice. You can limit the risk of flooding by taking a few preventive measures. The “Urgence Québec” website provides a host of information in this topic. Click here to read more.

You may rest assured, as well, that the Town is keeping a watchful eye on river levels and torrential rains, and will keep residents abreast of developments in this area, if required.

Let’s be prepared!

Flood Risks Mapping

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