Foot Rally

A novel way to DISCOVER THE town OF ROSEMÈRE!

Experience a fun activity to do with family or friends; a great opportunity to get outdoors! Have fun doing teamwork and enjoy the city's green spaces!

Share the different vision of your family members to solve the puzzles!


It's simple:
  • Print out the puzzle-filled questionnaire, follow the instructions and observe the environment to find the answers. Download it by clicking here.
The rally is divided into 3 parts located at the following locations:
  1. Hamilton House Sector
  2. Community Centre Sector
  3. Charbonneau Park Sector
You can do 3 separate activities or do it at 3 different times. The choice is yours!

Target: 12 years and older (although children can always surprise us)

Parking: If you choose to use your car to move from one part of the rally to another, choose a parking spot that respects the signs and if you use commercial parking, encourage our local merchants or leave the space for their customers.

Tips: Multiple choice questions give you the answer! So focus only on the answer choices. Team members can share these choices. The average time to find an answer is 5 minutes per question. Don't you think so? Then take a chance. You have a 25% chance of getting the right answer.


You have completed the rally and you want to validate your answers? Download the 1. answers here and 2. the pictures-answers.

What’s happening

  • Former Golf Course Dossier
  • New registration platform with Voilà! Rosemère
  • Send us your water meter reading
  • Roadwork-Info
  • 2021 Elections