Infrastructure projects

In 2017, the Town developed a major three-year capital expenditures program totalling close to $10 M. The following are some of the most significant of these projects, which will be overseen or carried out by the Town  in 2017, 2018 and 2019:


  • Rehabilitation of infrastructures on the following arteries: William, Lefrançois, Remembrance and Hector streets ($2.8 M)
  • Drainage improvement work on Roland-Durand Blvd. ($5.2 M)
  • Addition of a pumping station, Corona Street ($1.2 M)
  • Structural maintenance work on the Île Ducharme bridge ($0.2 M)
  • Street lighting conversion and improvement project (pilot project) ($0.9 M)
  • Work on the water treatment plant ($4.1 M)
  • Addition of traffic lights on Bouthillier Boulevard ($150,000)


  • Improvements to several parks, notably playground furnishings and infrastructures ($1 M), such as playground furniture ($500,000) and water play park ($500,000) at Charbonneau Park
  • Upgrading the surface of the soccer field at Charbonneau Park ($0.7 M)
  • Rehabilitation o the outdoor skating rink at Charbonneau Park ($0.2 M)
  • Development of Place des jeunes at Charbonneau Park ($0.7 M)

Residential real estate projects

These projects are financed by developers and regulated by the Town:

  • Rosembloom Development
  • Des Mélèzes Street project
  • Val-Marie Development


Among the important studies to be carried out:

  • Updating of the Town’s master plans for its sanitary and storm sewers as well as the distribution of drinking water.
  • Evaluating existing facilities for the production of drinking water and the treatment of wastewater.

What’s happening

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