April 26 2023

Join the Dandelion Challenge!

For the second year in a row, the Town of Rosemère is proud to participate in the Dandelion Challenge, an initiative of Miel & Co.

The Dandelion Challenge invites Quebecers to delay mowing their lawns and contrary to popular belief, the Dandelion Challenge doesn't take place all month of May. There are no specific dates for the Challenge since the grass is not at the same stage in the different regions of Quebec. Delaying the mowing of our lawns provides nectar and pollen for the bees due to the dandelions naturally present in our lawns. With this boost, the bees have enough energy to start the plant pollination season and provide a third of our food!

The Town of Rosemère will be mowing its green spaces (with the exception of sports fields) at just the right time before the seeds are dispersed.

Citizens are also invited to delay the first mowing, as dandelions and other spring flowers are beneficial to bees and pollinating insects.

Dandelion, a hated plant with amazing virtues

In the spring, the lawn turns green and the dandelion also appears. Don't pull it out. It is not a weed. In fact, the dandelion has many unknown qualities.

The dandelion has many unknown qualities:

  • - Essential to pollinators

  • - A source of nutrients and medicinal compounds

  • - A way of fighting climate change

The next time you see your neighbors' yards full of dandelions, don't be alarmed, it's for a good cause !

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