April 16 2024

Library - Conference: Discovering the world of bees

  • Conference: Discovering the world of bees

    • Bees are more a part of everyday life than you might imagine: from shoe balm to cough drops, from the butter we use to protect our cutting boards to the traditional beeswax candle... What's more, bees are the workers behind a third of the food on our plates, including fruit, vegetables, chocolate, nuts and coffee.

The destinies of humans and bees are incredibly intertwined. We've developed an interdependent relationship that's still very much alive. In this conference-style workshop, participants will learn more about urban beekeeping and the little city that is the hive.
The beekeeper will also tell the story of a bee's life, from the moment she emerges from her honeycomb to her very last flight...

 Presented in collaboration with Alvéol

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