February 18 2021

Organic Waste pick-up (Brown Bin): Tips for the Winter Season

Since last January, the organic waste pick-up has been carried out every two weeks and will continue this 2-week schedule up to and including the month of March. 

Over the past few weeks, a number of brown bins couldn’t be emptied properly because organic waste tends to stick to the walls of the bin when frozen. Here are a few tips to avoid this problem:

  • Use a large paper yard waste bag inside your brown bin to reduce contact between wet waste materials and the bin walls.
  • Wrap your organic waste in newspaper or in a paper bag.
  • Freeze your food before disposing of it in your brown bin.
  • Line the bottom of your brown bin with newspaper or a piece of cardboard to absorb moisture and prevent the waste materials from sticking to the bin when being emptied.
  • Avoid putting liquid waste in your brown bin.

Also, before placing ashes in your brown bin, make sure they are completely cooled to prevent them from causing a fire. It is best to let them cool outside in a closed metal container for at least one week.

More information on organic waste pick-up dates may be found in the municipal calendar or our on our website (at https://www.ville.rosemere.qc.ca/new-schedule-pickups/). 

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