April 29 2022

Presentation of the AFM steering committee

The Age-Friendly Municipality (AFM) and Child-Friendly Municipality (CFM) family policy will be subject to a major review in 2022. This undertaking will be essential in optimizing the quality of life of seniors and families in our community.

Today, we would like to introduce the steering committee composed of the following people:

  • - Mélissa Vincent, municipal policy consultant;
    - Luc Lavallée, Director, Recreation Department, Town of Rosemère;
    - Carla Brown, Councillor, Town of Rosemère;
    - Manon Pomerleau, 50+ community representative;
    - Mireille Ladouceur, elementary school representative;
    - Stéphanie Glaveen, Community Organizer, CISSS des Laurentides;
    - Brigitte Camden, Healthy Living Liaison Officer, CISSS des Laurentides;
    - Carole Gingras, 50+ community representative;
    - Stéphanie Nantel, Councillor, Town of Rosemère;
    - Danny Chevarie, high school representative;
    - Tanya Bossy, Caring Committee representative.

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