June 15 2021

Rosemère Supports Local Businesses Once Again

In order to promote buying local and thereby support the region's economic re-start, the Town of Rosemère is offering a free page of advertising to local businesses on its territory on the fourth page of the June, August, October and December editions of Rosemère News, the Town's municipal newsmagazine. This initiative—entirely funded by the Town of Rosemère in the amount of $12,000—is providing local businesses with an opportunity for visibility in all Rosemère households.

Selected by random draw, six businesses will be promoted in this way through each edition. This initiative is in addition to the Business Community section of Rosemère News, a section dedicated to the businesses and commercial establishments participating in the Rosemère is my business campaign, in collaboration with the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie Thérèse-De Blainville (CCITB) and its Aile des gens d'affaires de Rosemère (AGAR). To be eligible for this new opportunity, commercial establishments must be located in Rosemère and have, on hand, their valid permit to operate in the Town. Interested commercial establishments must register by filling out an online form when the contest is announced in AGAR's monthly newsletter. To make sure they don't miss out on anything, we invite commercial establishments to join AGAR's private Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1943302549222516) or subscribe to the CCITB's newsletter by sending an email to Alexandra Simard, liaison officer for the Rosemère territory (asimard@ccitb.ca). 

This new advertising showcase is stepping up the actions that Rosemère is putting in place to support its businesses that did not have an easy time during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the decree of 0% interest rate on unpaid tax bills in 2020, and until July 5 in 2021 for merchants, the Town took part in the #onvousattend advertising campaign when commercial establishments reopened in June 2020.

And lastly, we should mention the overwhelming success of the purchase voucher campaign in November 2020, just before the holiday season. This participatory fund-raising campaign injected some $30,000 into the local economy. Through the Town's financial support, residents purchased vouchers at participating commercial establishments for $20 and the Town topped up the vouchers by 50%, adding $10 more. In just a few days' time, all 1,000 vouchers were snapped up!


"More than ever, our businesses need us! They are run by passionate, committed, proud people. Take the time to rediscover them this summer. Not only will you make great discoveries and original finds, but this will have a positive impact on the community as a whole," stated Eric Westram, Mayor of Rosemère.

About the CCITB and AGAR

The Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Thérèse-De Blainville (CCITB) is a dynamic organization that accompanies and supports business leaders, managers and employees committed to their development and that of their businesses. In operation for the past 35 years, it is the preferred choice for businesses in the region by offering benefits based on human development and business growth in order to build collective and sustainable business relations. As for the Aile des gens d'affaires de Rosemère (AGAR), it is a local wing dedicated exclusively to Rosemère-based business people. The privileged ties it develops allow business people to build positive relations in the community, to contribute to the development of promising collective projects and to participate in the community's strategic decisions. 

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