On-street parking

We remind you that parking on our streets is prohibited at all times, throughout our territory, notably to allow for snow-clearing operations.

Same-day snow clearing and pick-ups

Sometimes snow-clearing operations are carried out on the same day as pick-ups. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, simply comply with the following instructions.

  • Bins used for pick-ups (organic waste, recycling, garbage) must be placed in your driveway, approximately 2 m from the street, never in the street or on snow banks.
  • To allow the pick-up trucks to grasp the bin, leave a 1 m space around it and position its wheels house-side.
  • That way, the contents of the bins will not be thrown into the street by snowblowers and snow-clearing operations will be carried out quickly.

Once cleared, sidewalks and streets will allow everyone (pedestrians, motorists and a few diehard cyclists) to get around safely.

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