Special waste and cumbersome items

Monthly pick-up of large items

This pick-up is scheduled on the second Monday of the month. Place large items by the side of the street, on your property, after 6 p.m. on the eve of the pick-up. No need to call the Public Works Department.

  • This pick-up accepts all large items that cannot be recycled and whose dimensions do not exceed 3 m by 1.80 m such as mattresses, couches, furniture, chairs. No waste from regular pick-ups (garbage, recycling, organic waste) will be collected during the large items pick-up.

  • Items refused are construction materials, wood, concrete, asphalt, TV, HDW, IT equipment and objects that are too heavy (the pick-up is done by 2 persons).


In order to receive personalized notifications about the pickups in your area, the Town invites you to download the Voilà! Rosemère application on your mobile device: https://www.ville.rosemere.qc.ca/voila!-rosemere-2/

You can also consult the schedule of the various pickups in the 2022 Municipal Calendar, in paper or electronic form.

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