Special waste and cumbersome items

Monthly pick-up of large items

This pick-up is scheduled on the second Monday of the month. Place large items by the side of the street, on your property, after 6 p.m. on the eve of the pick-up. No need to call the Public Works Department.

  • This pick-up accepts all large items that cannot be recycled and whose dimensions do not exceed 3 m by 1.80 m such as mattresses, couches, furniture, chairs. Anything that cannot be recycled. No waste from regular pick-ups (garbage, recycling, organic waste) will be collected during the large items pick-up.

  • Items refused are construction materials, wood, concrete, asphalt, TV, HDW, IT equipment and objects that are too heavy (the pick-up is done by 2 persons).


In order to receive personalized notifications about the pickups in your area, the Town invites you to download the Voilà! Rosemère application on your mobile device.

You can also consult the schedule of the various pickups in the 2023 Municipal Calendar, in paper or electronic form.

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