Spotlight on Outstanding Rosemerites

The Town of Rosemère is proud to celebrate the athletic, academic and other achievements of the people in our community. There are a number of channels available through the Communications, Public Affairs and Citizen Relations Department to showcase what they have accomplished. 

To be eligible for official recognition, residents must:

  • Reside in Rosemère
  • Have received an honour or an award from a recognized or official organization or a sports federation within the past year.

The Communications, Public Affairs and Citizen Relations Department will determine the appropriate platform for acknowledging residents based on their level of achievement:

  • Participation in the Olympic or Paralympic Games 
  • Top 10 ranking in an international competition 
  • Top 5 ranking in a national competition 
  • Top 3 ranking in a provincial competition.

Other types of achievements may also be honoured with a mention in the “Our Neighbours” section of the Rosemere News, in a social media post or elsewhere. These achievements can include:

  • An honour other than those mentioned above 
  • Top 3 ranking in a regional competition 
  • An honour at the local level.

If you know someone who lives in Rosemère and has received an award or recognition in the past year, let us know by filling out the form linked below. One of our team members will be in touch with you. 

Please return the completed form to the Recreation Department at

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