March 23 2022

Sustainable Development a Top Priority for the Town of Rosemère

Rosemère’s 2022 budget includes funding for four major environmental projects: the naturalization of the Charbonneau Park shoreline, a plan to fight climate change, an urban forest master plan and a study analyzing the feasibility of opening up access to and developing trails within the Grand Coteau Forest. These projects have varying start and completion dates, with work continuing throughout the next few years. 

“Giving residents more access to green spaces, encouraging their active involvement in the protection of our tree canopy and teaming up with them in the fight against climate change will help protect the environment and enhance overall quality of life,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “The four environmental projects slated for 2022 and beyond are consistent with our continued commitment to the environment and the urban vision defined in tandem with our residents, which prioritizes the preservation and improvement of our living environment, positioning Rosemère as a cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable town.”

Charbonneau Park’s shoreline naturalization

The shoreline naturalization is part of the Town’s three-year capital expenditures program and concludes Charbonneau Park’s redevelopment project, which includes previously completed works such as the construction of a skatepark and a splash pad; the revitalization of the basketball court; the replacement of the soccer field turf; and the development of the Floreat Pavilion, inaugurated in 2021.

The next stage includes the planting of trees, shrubs and other vegetation on and near the banks of the river. The native species chosen are adapted for our climate and will contribute to the restoration of this valuable ecosystem. A permeable pavement trail will also be installed, which will be transformed into an oval-shaped ice skating rink during the winter months.

Work will be completed in collaboration with Eco-Nature’s ERRE ecomobility project, which comprises the installation of a dock and a shed for the storage of small, non-motorized rental watercraft. 

Charbonneau Park is the heart of Rosemère, with green spaces and amenities for families and people of all ages to enjoy. Its sports facilities (grass and turfed soccer fields, and the outdoor skating rink), recreational infrastructure (pond and shoreline of the Mille Îles River) and civic buildings (Town Hall and Public Works) are widely used and appreciated. The construction of the Floreat Pavilion restored special access to the Mille Îles River and shoreline for residents, allowing them to participate a range of water sports and take full advantage of this unique natural environment.

Once the project is completed, Charbonneau Park will be an ecological and recreational hub that is sure to strengthen the local population’s commitment to preserving the pristine, yet fragile, Mille Îles River and its shoreline.

Together, these considerable measures will help protect this biodiverse area, while enhancing its beauty and opening it up to the Rosemerites of today and tomorrow. 

Climate change plan

During the Town Council meeting on February 14, 2022, a resolution was adopted to have Rosemère sign the “Unis pour le climat” (United for the Climate) declaration, spearheaded by the Union des municipalités du Québec. This declaration reflects the Council’s own desire to draft a plan aimed at adapting to and fighting climate change, which was included in the Town’s three-year capital expenditures program in the fall of 2021. The plan, slated to begin in 2022–2023, will be developed jointly with external consultants and the Environment Advisory Committee.

With this plan, the Town pledges to take climate change and its ramifications into consideration in all of its decisions and actions, and to inspire residents to do their part to reduce the Town’s carbon footprint. These collective efforts, combined with other local environmental initiatives, will contribute to the enviable quality of life enjoyed in Rosemère and make the Town a true leader in the fight against climate change.

Urban forest master plan

In July 2021, the Rosemère Town Council adopted a resolution to hire Habitat, a firm specialized in ecosystem management, to develop the first phase of its urban forest master plan. This project aligns with the Town’s urban vision, drafted in conjunction with residents: “Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town.” The plan is part of a series of actions outlined by the Town to protect these natural environments from climate change. Moreover, the Town recently acquired land in the majestic Grand Coteau Forest Corridor in order to ensure its conservation.

This plan will allow the Town to reduce the urban forest’s vulnerability and ensure its sustainability, by gaining a deeper understanding of the land and acquiring key sustainable management tools. The Town also wishes to provide municipal stakeholders with solutions for the management of trees on public and private land, address the population’s concerns and align with the goals set by the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (PMAD) to preserve and enhance the tree canopy. Lastly, this plan will also encourage residents to protect urban trees. The urban forest master plan will be launched in the summer of 2022.

Access to Grand Coteau Forest

In 2022, the Town will conduct a study to evaluate the various possibilities related to access to the Grand Coteau Forest and the improvement of existing trails, while ensuring the area’s conservation. The study is part of Rosemère’s draft urban plan and follows the 2021 acquisition of 13.2 hectares of mature forest in Grand Coteau, concluded in order to preserve this important nature sanctuary. The biodiverse area is home to nearly 120 plant species, numerous streams, a diverse array of wildlife and majestic trees, some of which are 150 or 200 years old. The acquisition will enhance the Grand Coteau Forest Corridor, which stretches from Mirabel’s westerly flat farmlands, to L’Assomption’s easterly peat bogs.

As a result, this green space will be preserved and protected in perpetuity from development. The Town of Rosemère acquired this land through the financial participation of the Quebec government and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), in connection with the Trame verte et bleue du Grand Montréal program.

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