November 19 2021

Swearing-in ceremony for new Town Council - Working together to meet the needs of the community

November 19, 2021 

The seven members of the Town of Rosemère's new Municipal Council were sworn in on November 18 at a ceremony attended by their families and friends as well as several dignitaries at the Memorial Community Centre. During this ceremony, the elected representatives were sworn in and signed the official documents.

Stability remains in Rosemère as Mayor Eric Westram was re-elected for a second term with his team of six councillors, formed by four women and two men: Marie-Elaine Pitre (seat 1); Carla Brown (seat 2); Stéphanie Nantel (seat 3); René Villeneuve (seat 4); Melissa Monk (seat 5); Philippe Panet-Raymond (seat 6).

« I would like to thank the population for this renewed trust, which I accept with humility and enthusiasm," said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. I am very pleased to continue this adventure formed by a team of five experienced elected officials and two new recruits, which brings a fresh take to Town Council. I am particularly proud that Rosemère is represented by a highly qualified team, with a wide range of skills, that combines three generations to make our town more dynamic. 

As elected officials, it is our duty to listen to the population and to make commitments that are representative of our needs and issues in Rosemère. Once again, the environment is at the heart of our concerns, and we will continue our efforts in the fight against climate change. In addition to the environment and sustainable development, social and family life, public safety, finances and infrastructures, culture and communications are also aspects that will guide our orientations over the next four years," he concluded. 

The first public meeting with the new Council will be held on November 22, at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

Overview of the elected officials

Eric Westram, Mayor

A Rosemerite since 1980, Eric Westram has three daughters and five grandchildren. He was elected as a Town Councillor of Rosemère for three consecutive terms of office. In this capacity, he was in charge of various important matters and sat on several decision-making committees. With his Bachelor's degree in Economics, he pursued a flourishing 25 years career in the pulp and paper industry and 10 years in the industrial sector (sales and sales management). As a resident, he served as a soccer coach for 33 years—a commitment that earned him the title of Volunteer of the Year for three separate years. Mayor Westram's distinguishing features: his attentive listening, his leadership and his desire to be close to residents.

Marie-Elaine Pitre, seat 1

A resident of Rosemère for the past 17 years and mother of two young children, Marie-Elaine Pitre has 13 years of experience in sales and marketing in a variety of industries, the most recent being live entertainment. She has a bachelor’s degree in management and is working toward her graduate diploma in marketing and branding at HEC Montréal. Her ambition: to help build a thriving community for the future.

Carla Brown, seat 2

Carla Brown made Rosemère her home almost seven years ago. A mother to three young boys, she has been working in real estate since 2006. She is currently a real estate broker and vice-president of a real estate agency on the North Shore. Her volunteer activities have included chairing the board of a childcare centre and serving as vice-chair of The Friends of McCaig Elementary School. Her goal: to make Rosemère a great place for families.

Stéphanie Nantel, seat 3

Stéphanie Nantel is a fourth-generation Rosemerite and mother of five. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal and owns and operates a business in this field. She is a former employee of the Town’s Communications Department and subsequently served as a political attaché to Mayor Hélène Daneault. She has volunteered with several local schools and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Her passion: to leave a healthy, green community to the generations to come.

René Villeneuve, seat 4

René Villeneuve has been living in Rosemère since 2004 and is the proud father of two children. Before retiring, he worked in quality assurance for the aerospace industry for 40years, serving as a quality supervisor for the cockpit of the BD-100 continental business jet as well as Airbus and Boeing subassemblies. His past volunteer commitments include board membership with the CPE La Petite Ardoise. His priority: to safeguard the environment and improve quality of life.

Melissa Monk, seat 5

Third-generation Rosemerite Melissa Monk is the mother of two grown sons and a chartered professional accountant (CPA), with her own accounting practice in Rosemère. Her alma mater is Concordia University. Over the years, she has volunteered her time with such initiatives as a local bilingual preschool and efforts to develop the downtown area. Her mission: to foster dialogue and community engagement.

Philip Panet-Raymond, seat 6

Philip Panet-Raymond is a second-generation Rosemerite and father of three. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from St.Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. For 30+years, he served as a sales and marketing executive for a U.S.-based multinational specializing in automotive parts. He is now working as a teacher at a local school. His volunteer experience includes board appointments with the Lorraine-Rosemère soccer club and the Rosemère Curling Club. His focus: to bring out the best in people.

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