April 15 2024

Take the Dandelion Challenge and Help Protect Our Pollinators!

For the third year in a row, the Town of Rosemère will be taking part in the Dandelion Challenge and encouraging everyone to do likewise by holding off on cutting their grass for the first time this spring. This will help insects stock up on pollen and nectar from dandelions and other flowers so they have the energy they need to start pollinating the plants that make up a full third of our food supply.

The mowing of all public green spaces and fields in Rosemère, with the exception of sports fields, will not start until later in May. Residents and businesses are urged to follow suit and join in the Dandelion Challenge. 

Delaying the first mow as long as possible is one of the keys to healthier pollinators and greater biodiversity in both urban and rural settings. So be sure to let the first dandelions of the season flower and flourish, and show our insect friends how much you care! 

What’s happening

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  • Physical Activity Month - Free program
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