April 09 2024

Town of Rosemère Preparing a Request to Amend the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville’s Land Use and Development Plan

Last night, Rosemère Town Council adopted a resolution mandating the General Manager’s office to prepare the documentation required to submit a request to amend the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville’s land use and development plan (SAD) in order to allow for mixed commercial and residential use in the Town’s regional hub, i.e., zones C-03, C-139 and C-140.

Regional hub

With the Town’s retail sector in decline, there is a significant loss of tax revenue that is putting pressure on residential property taxes. Town Council therefore wishes to take this opportunity to optimize land use within the regional hub, in line with its redevelopment objectives. This would include adding more green space around Place Rosemère, the town’s biggest heat island, and making the area more resilient to climate change. Council also plans to take into consideration the social and demographic needs of the community by diversifying the housing supply.

Place Rosemère

In February, the Town awarded a contract for a technical study to analyze the possibility of connecting certain urban infrastructure systems. This type of study is part of a continuum of operations involved in projects where changes to infrastructure or other resources may be required. It is important to ensure that this process is carried out methodically, so that the Town has all the data it needs to make informed decisions about any such projects.

Creation of a working committee

Council has set up a working committee to oversee efforts made toward its goal of improving and adapting land use. This will include monitoring major projects that will emerge from these efforts. The committee will be made up of Councillor Marie-Élaine Pitre, Mayor Eric Westram and municipal employees.

Zoning map C03-C139-C140

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