Watering deeper and less often

Your lawn doesn’t need to the watered weekly, but it should be watered in-depth to strengthen roots. However, watering two hours at a time, as permitted by the municipal by-law, is not enough to irrigate a large area in depth. This surface watering prevents the growth of deeper roots. For this reason, it is preferable to program your watering system to water half the zone for two hours and wait for the next watering period to irrigate the other half.

In the process you will reduce your consumption of water and your lawn will be healthier.

To water your annuals, get a rain barrel; your flowers will be lovelier than ever since the water won’t be chlorinated!

Make the most of the grant program to purchase a rain barrel. Collecting rainwater reduces run-off and allows you to water your landscaping arrangements without wasting drinking water: two good reasons for acquiring one!

See the watering regulations in the by-Laws section

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