July 24 2015

11+ Club / WEEK 5: Monday, July 27 to Friday, July 31


Dear Parents:

Please take note that the theme of our 6th week of camp will be "Oodles of Energy". A good many of the activities will therefore be related to this theme.






For this 6th week of the summer, your children will have the chance to take advantage of the summer weather at Beach Club Pointe-Calumet on Tuesday, July 28. In order for this day to go smoothly, we would like them to put on their swimsuit before they leave home as well as a good coat of sunscreen. And they must bring the following items:

* Swimsuit and towel

* Sunscreen

* Nutritious lunch and snacks

* Bottle of water

We will be leaving for the beach at 9 a.m. and returning at 4 p.m.




Money is not allowed on outings.


Special Activities:

This Thursday, July 30, your children will have the chance to practise their synchronization and coordination, as they will be learning a few self-defence techniques at Alpha school.


We look forward to seeing a large turnout among your children!



The Coordination Team

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