July 31 2015

11+ Club / WEEK 7: Monday, August 3 to Friday, Augut 7


Dear Parents:

This Tuesday, August 4, 2015, we are going off to La Ronde to have a fantastic time on the rides!!! In order for this day to go smoothly, here are a few little instructions to follow:

We will be leaving from Alpha school, as usual, at 8:45 a.m., and we will be returning around 7:45 p.m. – 8 p.m.

This year, campers' supper will be included—a McDonald's trio (Trio choices: a Big Mac, Cheeseburger, McChicken or Quarter Pounder). Money will therefore not be allowed on this outing.

Because campers are not allowed to bring their own food to the site, lunches will be kept on the bus in the morning and a lunch area will be reserved for us at noon.

Don't forget: A BIG BOTTLE OF WATER, sunscreen, snacks (2) and lunch.

Campers will be divided into teams of 4 or 6 and will be free during this activity. We will all get together a number of times during the day to take attendance.

Special Activity

Track and Field Championship Games (Sainte-Thérèse)

Continuing on our wave of energy, your children will set out, on Thursday, August 6, to attend a track and field presentation at Polyvalente Ste-Thérèse. Activities related to track and field events will therefore be presented to them afterward and they will then have the chance to take part in these activities.

Your team of camp supervisors and counsellors

What’s happening

  • Former Golf Course Dossier
  • New registration platform with Voilà! Rosemère
  • Eco-responsible Contest
  • Roadwork-Info
  • Contest - Choose the Chalet Charbonneau's new name!