December 16 2015

2016 Budget Investing responsibly for today and tomorrow.

ROSEMÈRE, Monday, December 14, 2015 – At a special meeting held today, members of Rosemère’s Municipal Council adopted the Town’s 2016 budget, which stood at $28,798,400. This balanced budget was developed with rigour in an effort to maintain fiscal equity for Rosemerites. The 2016 budget will allow sustainable investment in the coherent development of the Town and its residents’ living environment.

"Our goal, as an administration, is to offer a range of quality municipal services along with a highly competitive tax rate. With this, we hope to leave future generations with sound public finances, rather than opt for easy solutions based on a short-term vision,” stated Madeleine Leduc.

Expenses under control

It may be recalled that, at the start of 2015, the Council established a strategic working committee mandated to carry out a rigorous examination of the municipal administration’s costs and performance with an eye to optimization. This initiative helped cut municipal expenses by 1% over 2015. In 2016, this reduction allows the Town to invest in the implementation of an organic waste pick-up system and the management of the emerald ash borer.

The mayor noted that, within the framework of this exercise, no stone was left unturned, resulting in significant savings. She thanked the administration as a whole for its professionalism throughout this process.

Sound investments

In 2016, the Municipal Council will be investing in the upgrading of municipal infrastructures, including storm and sanitary sewers, road surfaces, curbs and sidewalks. Investments also include improvements to the parks and green spaces network as well as some municipal buildings.

All told, in 2016, $9,795,800 should be invested in the quality of life of Rosemerites. This amount includes government grants without which the Town will be compelled to review its investments based on its ability to pay.

"Our financial plan, focused clearly on the future, will enable us to strengthen our assets and invest wisely for tomorrow,” added the Mayor.

A highly competitive tax rate

For a house with an average value of $416,100, the tax bill will be $2,176.20, an increase of $61 or 2.9% over last year. This increase is in line with the parameters projected by the Conference Board of Canada, which expects 2.3% inflation in the metropolitan area in 2016.

Limited sources of revenue

In recent years, municipal finances have been subjected to many outside pressures resulting in a sizeable shortfall due to cuts in government fiscal and financing transfers. Under the circumstances, taxes and rates — general real estate taxes, water and residual waste, etc.— account for 82% of the Town’s revenues. For Mayor Leduc, since taxation represents the bulk of a municipality’s income, outside pressures inevitably translate into more limited manoeuvring room for balancing the budget.

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