September 09 2016

2016 Rosemère in Bloom Competition: winners

ROSEMÈRE, Wednesday, September 7, 2016– The names of the winners of this year’s edition of the Rosemère in Bloom competition were revealed on September 7, at the Town Hall. This year again, Rosemerites responded in large numbers with landscapes of outstanding quality.   
"This competition has been a tradition in Rosemère for 28 years now,” stated mayor Madeleine Leduc, adding: "This summer activity is highly anticipated by Rosemerites and attests to our residents’ commitment to beautifying their town and preserving its country flavour.”  
Rosemère in Bloom is an annual competition with all Rosemère properties automatically registered in general categories. Residents can also register, free of charge, in special categories. Volunteer judges crisscrossed Rosemère’s territory as a whole between July 2 and 31, to determine the winners.   
Categories in which all Rosemère properties were automatically registered are: Front in Bloom, Cosy Corner, Native Garden (new this year), Unique Tree and Majestic Tree.   
The grand winners in these categories, all sectors combined, are:
  • Front in Bloom:274 Du Bocage Street        
  • Cosy Corner: 289 Willowtree Street West         
  • Native Garden: 306 Westward Street         
  • Unique Tree: 348 Golfridge Street (Tulip tree)         
  • Majestic Tree: 435 Northcote Street (Red oak)
In the commercial class, winners in the Front in Bloom category are:
  • In the Labelle Blvd. sector: Rosemère Golf Club        
  • In the Grande-Côte and Others sector: Meubles Château Napoléon 
Special categories requiring registration are: Environmental Action, Vegetable Garden and  Backyard. The winners are: ·        
  • Environmental Action: 248 Paradis Street  (edible garden)         
  • Vegetable Garden: no registrations         
  • Backyard, 0 to 9,999 ft.2:  231 André-Gilles-Lauzon Street        
  • Backyard, 10,000 to 19,999 ft.2: 237 St-Laurent Street       
  • Backyard, over 20,000 ft.2: 492 De l’Érablière Street (special mention: Flower Garden) and 268 De Rosemère Street (special mention: Alpine Garden)
Finally, in each of the Town’s six sectors, the 2016 Streets in Bloom are:  ·        
  • Sector 1: Du Jardin-Des-Tourelles·        
  • Sector 2:  Gilmour·      
  • Sector 3: Des Plaines·        
  • Sector 4: Northcote·        
  • Sector 5: Des Alises·        
  • Sector 6: Carolyn-Owens
Mayor Madeleine Leduc thanked all the volunteer judges entrusted with the delicate task of crisscrossing the territory throughout the month of July, looking for the most outstanding landscapes.  
Mayor Leduc also noted the generosity of the thirteen property owners who opened their magnificent gardens to the public for the Secret Gardens Tour, the second facet of Rosemère in Bloom held on July 10. The population had been invited to discover true horticultural gems on these private properties opened to the general public on this day only. A total of $2,565 was raised by the sale of tickets to this event, an amount that was donated, in its entirety, to Les Petits Plaisirs, an organization helping the region’s families with a disabled child. 
To see pictures of the winners, click here

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