2021 Elections

On November 7, municipal elections will be held throughout Quebec, including in Rosemère.

Watch this web page for updates to provide you with relevant information.

Useful government link: Municipal Elections 2021

Information brochure for citizens

Consult the complete information brochure for citizens by clicking here.

Information about voting rights for peole with disabilities

Polling stations provide universal access to voters. Voters with special needs should contact the Returning Officer’s office, where the staff will be happy to provide assistance. In addition, the exo public transit system offers transportation service for people with disabilities. Please note that you must be registered for this paratransit service in order to use it. Exo reminds those who are registered for this service that they must reserve their Sunday trips by 4 p.m. on Friday at the latest. Information: 450-433-4000 OR 1-877-433-4004 (toll-free) or https://exo.quebec/en/trip-planner/para-transit

Information about transportation for seniors

A taxi-bus service will also be offered to seniors (age 65 and over) on advance voting day as well as on voting day. A taxi will be available to pick up seniors at their homes and drive them to their assigned voting location. Seniors wanting to take advantage of this service must first register with the Community Services Department at 450 621-3500, ext. 7380, and call on Tuesday, October 26, to reserve their transportation for the advance voting day on Sunday, October 31, or call on Tuesday, November 2 for transportation on voting day (Sunday, November 7). Cost: $1 each way.


The nomination period begins on September 17, 2021.

Anyone wishing to run for office must make an appointment with the Election Chair, Catherine Adam. Contact the President at presidentedelection@ville.rosemere.qc.ca.

Consult the documents in the Download section on the left side of this page to apply.


Recruitment of Election Staff

In preparation for the municipal election, there are several positions available. See the list below for details. Interested parties should send the application form available on the left side of this page to electionsrh@ville.rosemere.qc.ca.

The Deputy Returning Officer is responsible for running the voting process at a given polling station. The duties of a DRO include:

  • Ensuring that the polling station is set up properly
  • Ensuring that the voting process is running smoothly at the poll and maintaining order at the polling station
  • Facilitating exercising the right to vote and ensuring the secrecy of the vote
  • Asking voters to identify themselves (name, address and date of birth, if necessary) and validating their identity
  • Initialing the back of the ballots in the space provided
  • Instructing the voters to mark the ballots with the pencil they have been given
  • Upon the voters' return from the voting booth, examining their initials and taking back the pencil
  • Proceeding with the counting of the ballots
  • Preparing the statement of votes for each poll
  • Making sufficient copies for proper distribution
  • Closing the ballot box, as described
  • Promptly forwarding to the returning officer, the officer in charge of information and order or the person designated by the returning officer, both the sealed ballot box and the SMR-58 envelope containing copies of the statements of votes

Voting day: $300/day

Advance polls: $235/day

Training: $35

The duties of the poll clerk include recording the details of the voting process in the poll book and assisting the Deputy Returning Officer. The polling clerk must therefore:

  • Verifying whether the voter is registered on the voters' list
  • Checking that the voter has not already voted
  • Verifying that "R" is not marked in the left-hand margin of the voters' list
  • Indicating, upon each voter's return from the voting booth, that they have voted on the municipal list of voters
  • Before the ballot box is opened, recording the following information in the poll book:
    • The number of voters who voted
    • The number of spoiled ballots and the number of unused ballots
    • The names of the people who served as election officers or scrutineers assigned to that polling station

Voting day: $285/day

Advance polls: $225/day

Training: $35

The greeter assists eligible voters at the polling station. This includes:

  • Going to the assigned polling station and ensuring that the polling station is open on time on election day
  • Greeting voters and asking them to prepare suitable identification
  • Assisting voters with disabilities, as needed
  • Ensuring that there is no campaign literature around the polling station
  • Directing voters to an election official
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of public health authorities

Voting day: $200/day

Advance polls: $200/day

Training: $35

The members of the voter identity verification panel have the following duties:

  • Validating the identity of voters who have been unable to establish their identity by presenting accepted documents
  • Receiving eligible declarations
  • Having the required sworn statements signed and ensuring the voter's compliance with the prescribed conditions for being eligible to vote

  • They may be required to perform other duties during quiet periods.

Voting day: $150/day

Advance polls: $150/day

Training: $35

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