May 04 2020

2nd Instalment, Municipal Taxes

The Town reminds you that given the many financial impacts of this pandemic on the revenues of Rosemerites, the Town has decided to cancel interest and penalties on unpaid tax accounts, for citizens and merchants, as of March 13 until June 1st. This decision will be reviewed according to the evolution of the situation.

Please note that, even if the offices are closed, citizens can send their payment by cheque (by mail or drop it in the mailbox at Town Hall) or electronically through their financial institution's Web site. 

The municipal tax bill sent by the Town can be paid via ATM, telephone or electronic banking services of the following financial institutions:

Municipal tax payments by credit card are not accepted.

When making an electronic payment, please indicate the 18 digits following the SIPC 488 number on your payment coupons.

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