April 16 2019

A New Pilot Project for Rosemère - Come and Play in the Street!

A New Pilot Project for Rosemère - Come and Play in the Street!

Earlier today, the Town of Rosemère launched a new initiative known as Come and Play in the Street! to encourage children to put down or turn off their electronic devices and build real-life friendships with other young people in their neighbourhood.

“With this pilot project, we hope to motivate kids, and people of all ages, to go outside and play in order to help them embrace healthy lifestyle choices and get to know their neighbours in a safe environment,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “If the project works out this year, it may be extended to additional streets come 2020.”

Is my street eligible?

Before you start filling out a nomination form, make sure your street is eligible and meets the designated selection criteria. A map of ineligible streets can be found here.

If your street is eligible, you have until May 15, 2019, to return your completed nomination form to the Town, signed by five different homeowners from your street.

If your street is subsequently shortlisted for the Come and Play in the Street! pilot project, you will then be required to obtain signatures from 60% of the homeowners on your street consenting to your participation.

Selected streets will have to abide by a Code of Conduct while the pilot project is underway, i.e.,between June and September. This includes a reduced speed limit of 15km/h.

For additional information, go to the Town’s website.

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