May 19 2022

Boat Launch Ramp at Charbonneau Park: Use limited to electric- or human-powered boats

In the interest of the environment in the region and in order to prevent erosion and safeguard the fragile biodiversity of the shoreline, access to the Charbonneau Park boat launch will be restricted to human-powered or electrically-powered boats as of mid-June. It will therefore no longer be possible to launch boats powered by gasoline or hydrocarbon engines.  

“Rosemère has always shown leadership in environmental matters and occupies an enviable position, particularly with regard to the protection of its natural environment. The Mille Îles River is a natural treasure and is home to many species of endangered species,” explained Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “Oil pollution disrupts the river's fragile ecosystem and waves generated by motors cause shoreline erosion. Moreover, this decision is perfectly in line with the shoreline redevelopment project that will be carried out this summer at Charbonneau Park and which consists of planting trees, shrubs and various plants, in the littoral and riparian zone, that are adapted to this environment and will contribute to restoring this highly valuable ecological environment. Every effort is being made to protect and conserve the Milles Îles river and thereby ensure the quality of our drinking water,” added the Mayor in his closing remarks.

Personal identification number required

As it may be recalled, only Rosemerites are authorized at all times to launch a boat at the Charbonneau Park boat launch in order to reduce traffic there. A barrier is in place to control access. Owners of electric- or human-powered boats must therefore obtain a personal identification number (PIN) every year. This number is free of charge, confidential and specific to each resident. It should be noted that the PINs assigned to residents last year will be re-set and that they will have to obtain a new one for this year by contacting the Recreation Department.

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