June 30 2020

Boat ramp at Charbonneau Park: New Regulations in Force for Motor Boats

Due to the high traffic at the Charbonneau Park boat ramp, Town Council has decided to allow Rosemère residents only to launch their motorboats there.

"Already in 2018, our council has reserved the launching of motor boats at Charbonneau Park to our residents on weekends and holidays. Since then, it is clear that our boat launch has become increasingly popular during week days. Since this facility is not designed to accommodate such a large volume of motorized watercraft, we made this decision, first of all, from an environmental standpoint, in order to further prevent shoreline erosion so as to protect the fragile biodiversity along the shoreline. Secondly, from a community standpoint, we wanted to allow our residents to have priority access to the water for their motorized watercraft," stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

Despite this restriction, it is still possible for visitors to launch their human-powered boats at no charge at the Charbonneau Park boat launch. 

In closing, the Town of Rosemère would like to mention, as a reminder, the various boating safety tips for the Mille-Îles river:

  • Share the waterways between motorized and human-powered watercraft.
  • Be attentive to traffic on the river and its banks.
  • Respect the safety rules on the water and travel at a reasonable speed.
  • Wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.

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