May 03 2017

Call for caution: possible water accumulations

In light of heavy rains, the Town of Rosemère is urging its citizens to remain vigilant, given the water accumulations that could arise. You may rest assured that the personnel of the Town of Rosemère as well as the police and fire departments are on the job, continuously monitoring the sectors affected by the floods and that no effort is being spared to help residents affected by this situation. Finally, citizens can contact the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville (Police Board) directly at 450 435-2421 for assistance.

In addition, since demand on home sump pumps may be strong, the Town is encouraging citizens to ensure their proper operation. 

Preventive measures
Affected residents are also invited to take certain measures to ensure their safety and limit material damages:
  • If needed, place sand bags where water could get in or around the house. Sand bags will be available at the Public Works Department at the ecocentre located at 190 Charbonneau Street, starting at 9 am tomorrow morning, May 6. If you need assistance, a municipal employee can come and deliver them to the home and help you place them.
  • Move items of value and anything that can moved from the basement or ground floor to an upper storey.
  • Place chemical or toxic products such as insecticides and other flammable products in a safe location.
  • Block basement floor drains to avoid water back-ups. 
Check Urgence Québec's website for more information by clicking here.

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