August 15 2014

Rosemère's mayor denounces the actions of Canada Post

The mayor of Rosemère is particularly outraged by the attitude of Canada Post with regards to the installation of community mailboxes, and she made her feelings known to the Crown corporation in a letter sent this week. Mayor Leduc deplores the fact that Canada Post only informed the Town of Rosemère some twelve hours prior to installing the first boxes, despite what had been agreed to by the two parties. 

In her letter, Madeleine Leduc wrote: "Imagine our surprise upon receiving, at 4:07 and 4:14 p.m. on the very day of the regular Council meeting (Monday, August 11) two emails informing us that Canada Post would start installing mailboxes on some 20 sites the very next morning. This cavalier approach cannot fail but irritate both the Town and its citizens, the very ones who had trouble accepting the unilateral decision to cease home mail delivery.” 

According to the mayor of Rosemère, many details must be settled and included in a bipartisan agreement before the installation of community mailboxes, notably: the implementation plan, the development of some of the drop-off points at specified locations, the development of locations selected for some mailboxes, a maintenance program, the management of complaints relating to repairs and removal of existing mailboxes within two years following the end of the implementation period. 

The mayor further deplored the Crown corporation’s general attitude in this matter: "In fact, from the outset, Canada Post has consistently shown a blatant lack of respect for the Town and its citizens. First, without any prior consultation, it imposed the odious decision to cease home mail delivery and install community mailboxes.”

The mayor also noted the perverse effects of this behaviour on the Town and its citizens. ”Because Canada Post refuses to act in a transparent manner and listen to its clientele, elected municipal officials are the ones who receive, by default, the reactions of its residents in a file that is outside of its jurisdiction! Municipal Council meetings have become debate nights where everyone expresses his anger and frustration on an issue that falls under federal responsibility.” 

In conclusion, Mayor Leduc has asked Canada Post to put an immediate stop to the installation of the new community mailboxes and to ”conclude, as quickly as possible, an agreement between the Town of Rosemère and Canada Post.” 


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