March 06 2014

Canada Post: Mayors of Rosemère, Lorraine and Bois-des-Filion set the record straight

The mayors of Rosemère, Lorraine and Bois-des-Filion, Madeleine Leduc, Ramez Ayoub and Paul Larocque, wished to correct the statement made by federal MP Alain Giguère at a press conference held on February 28. It held that Canada Post had targeted their town for cuts in postal delivery service because "the mayors of the towns involved had not opposed the move.”

"This statement is patently false. It reveals a misunderstanding of both the role of elected municipal officials and the process triggered by Canada Post. Canada Post simply informed us of its decision on the eve of its official announcement and handed us an explanatory document. There was never any question of hearing our opinion. The decision had been taken unilaterally,” recalled the three mayors.

The mayors found MP Giguère’s statement to be particularly surprising since the MP’s own staff had only learned of the towns’ positions on the very day Canada Post’s decision was announced, i.e. on February 20.

Furthermore, all three municipalities issued a release and granted interviews to the regional and national press on the same day the Canada Post decision was announced, noting the decision and putting forth their concerns as well as the measures they would like to see regarding the future installation of community mailboxes. Extensive media coverage followed, both locally and nationally. This made our position clear to any observer.

"In fact, our position has been the same from day one: we deplore and denounce this action by Canada Post and we are concerned about its resulting inconvenience to our communities. We therefore invite Mr. Giguère to identify those who are actually responsible for this decision, rather than the towns, which are its primary victims,” concluded the three mayors. 

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Towns of Bois-des-Filion, Lorraine and Rosemère


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