Citizen Participation Policy

The Town of Rosemère wishes to adopt a Citizen Participation Policy that sets forth, in a public document, the Town’s approach in this area. In addition to making the process predictable to the community as a whole, this policy is a tool that will guide municipal and elected officials in the development and implementation of participatory processes. More specifically, this policy provides a framework for municipal issues of general interest. It will apply to situations where the stakes are of concern to Rosemère’s population as a whole.

With its Citizen Participation Policy, the Town of Rosemère seeks to implement a simple, flexible, transparent and credible process that reflects the best practices and objectives in the area of public participation, thereby allowing citizens to express their opinions on policies, by-laws, projects and actions likely to have an impact on their living environment. 

Educating and raising awareness among all stakeholders (citizens, elected officials, municipal employees, etc.) of the basic principles of public participation are elements essential to the successful implementation of this policy. The latter results from ongoing learning and commitment of various parties, elected officials and municipal employees with regards to the development of a public participation culture in the Town of Rosemère.


  • Policy’s context
  • Participatory process leading to the policy’s development
  • Definition of terms
  • Values guiding public participation in Rosemère
  • Policy’s objectives
  • Policy’s fields of application
  • Triggering of a public participation process
  • Steps in a public participation process
  • Criteria for determining public participation measures to be implemented and citizens’ level of involvement
  • Decision-making process and implementation of the policy
  • Assessment of the policy’s application

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