Code of ethics and professional conduct for elected officials

At a regular council meeting held on November 7, 2011, the Town of Rosemère’s Municipal Council adopted its current Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Elected Officials in order to provide the latter with clear boundaries for the performance of their functions (see on the left-hand side of this page, under Download).

Table of contents of the Town of Rosemère's Code of ethics and professional conduct for elected officials

  • Article 1: Title
  • Article 2: Application of the code
  • Article 3: Objectives of the code
  • Article 4: Municipal values
  • Article 5: Interpretation
    • 5.1 Definitions
  • Article 6: Rules of conduct
    • 6.1 Application
    • 6.2 Objectives
    • 6.3 Conflicts of interest
    • 6.4 Use of the municipality’s resources
    • 6.5 Use or communication of confidential information
    • 6.6 Post-mandate
    • 6.7 Breach of trust and misappropriation
  • Article 7: Control measures
  • Article 8: Entry into force

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