April 09 2019

Info Ice Storm - Come warm up!

Info Ice Storm - Come warm up!

The Town of Rosemère invites its citizens to warm up, charge their electronic devices and have a coffee at Memorial Community Centre (202 Grande-Côte ). It will remain open for as long as necessary.

All public works teams, firefighters and police are deployed to ensure the safety of people, move and cut branches that may fall on the electrical wires. Moreover, the emergency services ask people to respect the areas or streets secured by ribbons.

If you see a tree and / or a branch that falls on electrical wires or that may impair the safety of people, we urge you to contact emergency services immediately.

It should be noted that Hydro-Québec is mobilizing several teams in the region to restore power. For more information, we invite the Rosemerites to consult the site https://pannes.hydroquebec.com/…/service-interruption-repo…/

Stay safe!

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