Commercial occupancy certificate

A construction whose destination or use has been changed to commercial usage cannot be occupied unless a certificate of usage compliance has first been issued. (By-law 808 – Permits and Certificates, article 60)

When you change the destination or use of a commercial building or part of a commercial building, or when the occupant is changed, an occupancy certificate is required. This also applies to a babysitting service, day care operation or childcare centre in a family setting, or a professional office in a private residence.

How to obtain an occupancy certificate

To obtain an occupancy certificate, you must complete the form "Business Registration" in Downloads on the left-hand side of this page, take note of information for new businesses, and attach the required documents (copy of registration or business charter), including the fee for payment of the occupancy certificate, submitting your entire file to the Permits and Inspections Department.

In order for a business to be authorized, its proposed use must be permitted in the targeted zone and the property must have the number of parking spaces required for the intended use. The application must include a plan of the parking lot.

Type of establishment Number of stalls required
Retail sales and service establishments (excluding usages shown below) 1 stall per 25 m2
Banks, financial institutions and lending companies 1 stall per 35 m2
Professional offices and complexes 1 stall per 35 m2
Medical clinics and consultation firms 1 stall per 20 m2
Shopping centres and strip malls 1 stall per 14 m2 of gross rental space for a shopping centre with less than 9,300 m2 of gross rental space; 1 stall per 22 m2 of gross rental space for a shopping centre with more than 9,300 m2 of gross rental space
Sports and recreation centres (indoor and outdoor) 2 stalls per court (tennis, racquetball, squash) and 1 stall per 10 m2 for other usages
Movie houses and theatres 1 stall per 3 seating spaces
Automotive dealerships, furniture and household appliance stores 1 stall per 65 m2
Accommodation establishments 1 stall per room
Personal care establishments (hairdressing, aesthetics) 1 stall per 10 m2
Funeral homes and crematoriums 1 stall per 100 m2 of floor space reserved for interior or exterior storage
Wholesale establishments, warehouses, contractors, repair shops 1 stall per 100 m2 of floor space reserved for interior or exterior storage
Daycare 1 stall per 30 m2
Meeting halls, exhibition halls, private classrooms 1 stall per 5 seating places or 1 stall per 10 m2 for uses without seating spaces
Restaurant 1 stall per 3 seating places, with a minimum of 10 stalls
Bowling alley or pool hall 2 stalls per lane or pool table
Curling rink 10 stalls per rink plus stalls required for the club house
Golf club 3 stalls per hole plus stalls required for the club house
Arena 1 stall per 4 fixed seats or 1 stall per m2 of floor space for spectators if there are no fixed seats
Service stations and automotive repairs 3 stalls per service bay plus 3 stalls
Service station with convenience store 3 stalls, plus stalls required for the convenience store
Ice cream parlour 1 stall per 10 m2


*Payment by cheque, cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card.

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