Contract Management By-Law

The primary objective of this by-law is to ensure citizens that monies allocated to the acquisition of goods and services are spent in keeping with sound administrative principles.

In order to foster transparency in the management of municipal contracts, as required by article 573.3.1.2 of the Cities and Towns Act (R.S.Q., c. C-19), the Town has implemented this by-law whose measures seek to:

  • ensure that no bidders or bidders’ representatives have communicated or attempted to communicate with a member of the selection committee, in an effort to influence them on calls for tenders on which they have submitted a bid.
  • foster respect for applicable laws intended to fight bid rigging.
  • ensure compliance with the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act (R.S.Q., c. T-11.011) and the Code of Conduct of Lobbyists adopted under the banner of this law.
  • prevent intimidation, influence peddling or corruption.
  • avoid conflicts of interest.
  • prevent any other situation likely to compromise the impartiality and objectivity of the call for tenders process and the management of the ensuing contract.
  • provide a framework for any decision authorizing the modification of a contract.

Table of contents

See the by-law and its amendment on the left-hand side of this page, under Download.

Article 1 Objectives

Article 2 Application

  • Types of contracts covered
  • Responsability for ensuring application
  • By-law regarding the delegation of power to authorize expenses, award contracts and form selection committees

Article 3 Scope

Article 4 Measures to prevent bid-rigging

  • Tenderer’s declaration
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Past infractions and eligibility
  • Contract division

Article 5 Compliance with quebec’s lobbying transparency and ethics act

Article 6 Measures to prevent intimidation, influence peddling and corruption

  • Tenderer’s declaration
  • Confidentiality of the tender process and identity of tenderers
  • On-site visits by appointment

Article 7 Measures to prevent conflicts of interest

Article 8 Impartiality and objectivity of the tender and contract process

  • No favoritism
  • Tender information manager
  • Town representatives and/or consultants’ confidentiality agreement
  • Composition of a selection committee
  • Declaration by selection committee members and secretary

Article 9 Measures framing contract changes

  • Preventive measures
  • Subsequent changes to a contract
  • Work site meetings

Article 10 Rules governing contract award

  • Contracts awarded by mutual agreement
  • Call for tenders by invitation
  • Public call for tenders

Article 11 Declaration of interest by employees

Article 12 Complaints manager

Article 13 Sanctions for non-compliance with the by-law

  • Sanctions for employees
  • Sanctions for Town representatives and consultants
  • Sanctions for tenderers
  • Sanctions for Town Councillors
  • Sanctions for selection committee members

Article 14 Transitional arrangements

Article 15 Effective date

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