April 06 2020

COVID-19 - Update of April 6, 2020

Reminder: Extraordinary Meeting Today

The Town reminds you that, as the Town wishes to continue advancing its priority projects despite the current situation, Town Council will hold an extraordinary meeting today at 4:00 p.m. in council room to address certain issues that require follow-up. This meeting will be held in camera and will be webcast on the Town's website. Elected officials will meet via videoconference in order to respect social distancing guidelines. The video will be broadcast immediately following the session. To read the agenda, click here

Let's respect the rules: no gatherings despite the good weather

Despite the good weather and mild temperatures, gatherings in the parks are strictly forbidden. This directive applies particularly in parks and playgrounds (soccer fields, skatepark, baseball fields, etc.). Soccer games with friends, skateboarding at the Skatepark and other group activities are prohibited in public places. Unfortunately, many citizens were gathering in the parks last weekend and did not respect the 2-meter distance between each other. Lives are at stake, let's stand together!

Let's support our local businesses!

As mentioned by the Quebec government yesterday, essential businesses will remain closed until May 4th. This is a hard time for us, but also for local businesses. We invite you to show solidarity with our local merchants and to continue to encourage them. In fact, the government has set up the www.lepanierbleu.ca website to list Quebec retailers and their products by region. The mission of this non-transactional site is to support Quebec merchants by stimulating their sales through referencing, raising awareness of the importance of the local economy and promoting best health practises in this period of pandemic related to VIDOC-19.

The Chambre de commerce et d'industrie Thérèse-DeBlanville (CCITB) has also developed a daily newsletter to support and inform our merchants. To find out more, visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CCITB/.

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