Display authorization certificate

Building, installing, moving, modifying or repairing a sign is prohibited without an authorization certificate. One certificate is required for each sign.
(By-law 808 – Permits and certificates, article 44)

One movable sign, commonly known as a "sandwich board", per business is authorized. (new by-law)

Useful information

It is important to check all applicable by-laws.

Authorized surface area of sign

Sign on a building (sign installed flat against a building)

  • a sign’s maximum thickness is 0.2 m

  • the sign’s surface area must not exceed 10% of the surface area of the wall on the front of the business without exceeding 9.29 m2

  • a sign installed flat against a building must not jut out from the wall when installed less than 1.8 m from the ground and when the wall is immediately adjacent to the sidewalk, unless adequate protection has been installed.

Sign installed on a pole, wall or base

The dimensions of signs on poles or bases may differ based on the zone.

The Town of Rosemère’s Urban Planning by-laws are available upon request by email at: ablais@ville.rosemere.qc.ca.

How to obtain an authorization certificate for a sign

To obtain a certificate authorizing a sign, you must complete the document "Form - Sign" in Downloads at the left of the page, take note of current municipal by-laws (document "Business - Signs" in Downloads) and attach the required documents, including the fee for payment of said certificate, submitting your entire file to the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspections Department.

The cost of an authorization certificate for a sign is $50

*Payment by cheque, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card.

Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP)

It should be noted that signage is subject to the by-law on Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP). Consequently, sign projects must first be submitted to the Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU), which will subsequently issue a recommendation to the Municipal Council, for a final decision.

The cost of studying a project subject to SPAIP criteria is $55

*Payment by cheque, cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card.

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