October 06 2014

Rosemère Ecocentre closed temporarily for a facelift!

In early October, the Town of Rosemère temporarily closed its ecocentre in order to carry out major redevelopment work on the site. This work, which will extend until the end of 2014, seeks to increase the site’s accessibility and enhance safety while reducing the impact of its operations on the neighbouring area. To maintain the ecocentre’s basic services during the renovation period, a temporary site has been set up just steps from the current ecocentre, in the Town Hall’s second parking lot.

Citizens can access the temporary site from Grande-Côte Road and the entrance to the police station, then exit the site from the Town Hall’s first parking lot and Charbonneau Street. The ecocentre’s schedule and costs remain unchanged. On the other hand, some materials that had previously been accepted will no longer be. These include branches, soil, asphalt, metal and hazardous domestic waste (HDW), except for paint and various types of oil, which will still be accepted. 

Representing an investment in the order of $360,000, this renovation will serve to modify the configuration of the premises in order to ensure greater peace and quiet in the neighbourhood while increasing the safety of manoeuvres involving containers by reducing the need to move material and cutting down on the use of heavy machinery. "Not only will we be reducing noise and pollution in the area, we will reducing operating costs as well,” assured Mayor Madeleine Leduc. 

For residents, access will be easier and traffic on the site safer. Furthermore, the area around the containers will be raised, allowing materials to be deposited directly into the bins. Finally, a cedar hedge will be planted to create a buffer zone with the neighbourhood. 

"This project is a logical follow-up to the analysis of the ecocentre conducted last spring by a firm specializing in the management of residual materials,” noted Mayor Leduc, who went on the explain that the experts proposed various solutions to optimize the operations of the ecocentre, whose activities will henceforth be reserved exclusively to residential users.

"End-users will be rewarded for their patience during this major project as they will ultimately have access to an ecocentre that will be the envy of many,” concluded Madeleine Leduc. 

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