April 16 2018

Financial Assistance from Rosemère for Two Cultural Events This Spring

Rosemère, April 16, 2018The Town of Rosemère is pleased to announce its financial contribution to two local cultural events to be held this spring: the first edition of the White on White event and the Spring Art Exhibition, both organized by Rosemère Artists Gathering (RAR).

The White on White event

Rosemère will act as a major partner of the White on White event, contributing $10,000 to the first edition of this unifying event, which will take place June 1-3 in front of the library and Des Pionniers Park.

Here is a sneak preview of the wide range of the programming, which will be unveiled next May and is bound to satisfy everyone's tastes. Activities for youngsters and grown-ups, participatory workshops, shows, exhibitions and a supper in white, with entertainment under a big tent. Tickets are already on sale at the library for $20.

Spring Art Exhibition

In addition, the Town will allocate $1,000 for the Spring Art Exhibition, which will be held April 26-29 at Hamilton House. About forty RAG artists will be on hand to present the public their most recent works, created from materials and techniques that inspire them, such as watercolour, painting, stained glass, pottery and sculpture.

"Culture builds our collective identity, takes us off the beaten track, energizes and enriches our living environment. It brings together residents of all origins and generations and gives them a chance to socialize with one another. That is why, in our activities, we favour a wealth of cultural activities that are accessible and adapted to different tastes and ages, and why we constantly strive to encourage local cultural vitality. And so we gladly and confidently agreed to be a financial partner of these two spring events held by Rosemère Artists Gathering. I therefore invite all Rosemerites to take part in these two upcoming family cultural discovery events," stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

RAG President Caroline Foley added: "We are grateful to the Town of Rosemère, which has supported us for a number of years and has so generously agreed to be a financial partner in our two events this spring. And especially for the confidence they have placed in us for the first edition of the White on White event. Our objective for these events for the general public is to showcase the talents and works of our local artists and to bring the artists who are members of our Gathering closer to residents who share the same living environment."

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