June 16 2020

First Forum on the Environment a Big Success

On June 13, some one hundred people virtually took part in the very first Forum on the Environment set up on the initiative of the Town of Rosemère's Civic Committee on the Environment (CCE). The event focused on themes as varied as an introduction to zero waste, natural environments, biodiversity and drinking water conservation. 

"Creating a Civic Committee on the Environment was very important to our Town Council. This committee of residents is directly in line with our strategic vision of Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town. Since it was established almost a year ago to the day, we are proud to pursue an approach based on dialogue and to draw on residents' expertise in order to better guide our environmental actions and initiatives. It is clear that by working together, we will succeed in preserving the Town of Rosemère's outstanding living environment," stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

At the opening of the Forum, the CCE reported on past and future environmental and sustainable development projects. In so doing, it had the opportunity to be the first to announce that, starting July 13, Rosemère residents will be able to benefit from a financial assistance program that can cover up to $40 of the cost of purchasing sustainable feminine hygiene products. This announcement is in addition to the range of green grants already in place for Rosemère residents. This perfectly set the stage for the first conference of the day "An Introduction to Zero Waste", by Cindy Trottier, founder of Circuit Zéro Déchet. At the same time, since June is the month when we celebrate water by raising awareness of this priceless natural resource, Émilie Lapalme-Gendron, a member of the CCE, produced a short video on tips and tricks for better drinking water conservation.  

On the subject of biodiversity and natural environments, Anaïs Boutin, Director of Protection and Conservation Programs at Éco-Nature, shared her passion with us by telling us about the wealth of diversity in the Mille-Îles River and its endangered species. It was then that it was mentioned that the Town of Rosemère, in partnership with Éco-Nature, recently acquired the last private Miller Marsh property in order to preserve the ecological value of this absolutely outstanding natural environment. Also, through a video clip, Rosemère resident Michel Leboeuf, a biologist and initiator of the tree-planting project in the Forêt des Frères du Sacré-Cœur, announced that the trees that had been planted a year ago, in the spring of 2019, have a survival rate of over 90%. Through this volunteer planting effort, the Forêt des Frères du Sacré-Cœur, which is a true ecological jewel for the Rosemère community, has doubled in size.

In addition, throughout the weekend, the participants had the chance to be touched by the documentary film Earth: Seen from the Heart with Hubert Reeves—a documentary that takes a look at the Earth and the threats to its biodiversity, but above all provides insight into the interdependence of all living beings. 

Help us prepare the 2021 edition!

We invite the public to take a few minutes to complete the Environment Forum appreciation survey. It's a great way to find out what topics of interest should be included in the 2021 program! From among the respondents to the survey, the Town will draw a rainwater barrel and two $50 gift certificates redeemable at Éco-Nature to discover the treasures of the Mille-Îles River.

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