April 17 2019

Flood Risks (update April 20 at 3:30 p.m.)

Flood Risks (update April 20 at 3:30 p.m.)

City Keeps Alert on Flood Risks in Selected Areas of the City

Although weather forecasts predict a lull in rainfall over the next few days, flood risks are still real. It is important to remain vigilant and observe the preventive measures (sandbags, dikes, etc.) put in place. Firefighters, police and city staff continue their ongoing surveillance to ensure your safety and to intervene as needed. We will notify you when sandbags can be withdrawn.

It is essential to listen at all times to the instructions of the authorities (firefighters, police, City staff) to ensure your safety. Thank you for your collaboration.

Some areas of the Town may be affected by flooding.

The Town is taking action

Rest assured that the Town of Rosemère's employees as well as police and firefighters are being deployed to continuously monitor the riverbanks and that everything possible is being done to come to the assistance of residents who may be affected by this situation. In addition, residents may directly contact the Public Works Department regarding flooding (sandbags) at 450-621-3500 ext. 3300. For emergency calls, please dial 911.

It is the citizen's responsibility to ensure that they do what is necessary to protect their property.

Stay up-to-date

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Preventive measures

Residents concerned are being urged to take certain preventive measures to ensure their safety and limit material damage:

· Move valuables from the basement to the ground floor as well as any other basement items that can be brought upstairs.

· Keep chemicals and toxic products, such as insecticides and other flammable products, in a safe place.

· Block floor drains in the basement to prevent water backflow.

Feel free to consult our information pamphlet or website for more information.


If necessary, place sandbags wherever water could seep in (garage, doors, windows) or around your home. 

Pallets of sandbags are placed in the following key areas:

  • Place Ducharme (near the bridge)
  • Val Chenaie
  • Thorncliff Ouest
  • Île Bélair Est
  • Earlscourt
  • Skelton (corners Alexandre et Béland)
  • Terrasse Cadieux

If required, call the Public Works department at 450 621-3500, ext. 3300 to request sandbags.

To learn more about the situation, visit Québec Sécurité publique’s website.

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