September 13 2021

Former Golf Course Dossier: Rosemère announces a referendum to ensure that the decision is made by citizens

In addition to the consultation process already planned, Town Council adopted a resolution at its September 13 meeting to include a referendum for the entire population in order to validate the social acceptability of any development project on the site of the former Rosemère golf course.

The Mayor reminded the audience that the urban vision proposed by the Town is the result of three years of consultations and that the final decision will also be made by the citizens: "Our message tonight to Rosemere residents is simple and unequivocal: you will have the last word on the former golf course. A file of such importance deserves nothing less, and the resolution that will be adopted tonight will ensure that this decision is respected in the future.

In harmony with Council's democratic values 

For Mayor Eric Westram, this resolution formalizes the Council's commitment to ensure that the entire population is adequately consulted on this important issue: "When a project that meets the aspirations of citizens, as expressed during consultations on the urban vision is presented, a major consultation will be launched and will lead to a referendum for all Rosemerites. Because of the importance of the impacts on the community, both environmentally, socially and economically, we want the citizen to be able to participate through this way of direct democracy. We have always been a council that listens to the citizens and this decision is in harmony with the democratic values that animate us".

There will therefore be up to four major steps of consultation: a consultation on the Draft Urban Plan as provided for by law, a consultation and then a referendum to all citizens on the Development Plan and, finally, a referendum for the contiguous zones if a zoning change is requested following the first three steps.

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